Africa’s First Women-Only Cab-Hailing App, ‘An Nisa’ Launched in Kenya

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Amid rising concerns over the insecurity of females boarding male-operated cab, in Nairobi, Kenya, a lone woman hops into a cab on her way across the city. She has boarded this cab because her safety is guaranteed for a reason.

The vehicle is registered and licensed under An Nisa; an online taxi-hailing service run by women. It serves female passengers and young children only.

Founded by serial entrepreneur, Mehnaz Sarwar after she discovered she and many other women who used cabs in Nairobi struggled with the thought of jumping into vehicles driven by and with unfamiliar men.

In the last three years, over a dozen online cab-hailing services have launched in Kenya but females make up only 3% of the estimated 12 000 drivers registered by online cab-hailing applications. A problem that An Nisa hopes to change.

An Nisa

Photography Credits: An Nisa

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