Patrick J Adams, who plays Mike Ross of USA’s Suits is a hobbyist photographer. Upon being commissioned on the show, Adams used his camera as a documentary tool on the show which is currently in its fourth season.

On Getting Into Photography

I was taking pictures even as a young kid. I was fascinated with the concept of documentation. My father being a journalist I grew up in a house built around the idea of telling the story of your life. My dad did it with words where I was more drawn to cameras.

On his instincts as an Actor and Photographer

It’s a little tough because as an actor my job is to ignore the camera, and then with my camera I get to step outside of those moments and observe them. I don’t know if they’re similar in the process, but I do think the instincts of curiosity is a large part of both. In any art form you have to remain curious about what’s underneath what you’re looking at. So for both an actor and a photographer it’s about being present in a moment, and digging deeper, and asking more questions, being fearless and putting yourself into a potentially uncomfortable situation to get at the truth of what’s going on.

A member of the sound crew.
Mike Ross being made up.
Sarah Rafferty (Donna Roberta Paulsen) and Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane)
Gabriel Marcht (Harvey Specter)

Pictures and Quotes via The New York Observer