British Council and Bolabi Alabi Media create Lagos FilmLAB for filmmakers

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The Nigerian film industry is the second-largest film industry in the world and a major contributor to our national GDP and cultural heritage. Therefore, Nigeria ought to be committed to doing everything in its power to grow the industry.

In light of this, British Council and the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) have joined forces with Biola Alabi Media and Creative England to create an initiative for the training and support of budding filmmakers called FilmLAB. FilmLAB seeks to better the general quality of films in Nigeria and increase its potential for better income.

FilmLAB hopes to do this through an intensive residential program with 12 teams in Lagos throughout September. During which, there would be training on script development, production, marketing, financing and mentoring by experts in the industry. The acting executive secretary of the LSETF, Teju Abisoye, said, “We expect that a new tribe of world-class filmmakers would emerge to further contribute to the depth of quality and growth of the Creative Industry in Lagos State.”

To register and find out more about FilmLAB check here.

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