Crossing Divides tells the story of shipped back kids

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Shipped back kids. Boarding school in Nigeria usually had a couple of signature pieces: bad food, power drunk seniors and students repatriated from the U.K and U.S with troubled pasts or just to get a taste of Nigerian culture and life.

As part of the BBC’s Crossing Divides campaign designed to bring people together in a fragmented video, a short film is constructed around two Nigerian kids and their shipping back experience from the U.K. It was particularly common for the kids to find themselves being told upon returning to their country of origin on holiday that they would not be returning to England- where they called home. The 10 minute clip focuses on two protagonists- Titi and Charlie who reflect on the move back, the circumstances that precipitated it and question the decisions of their mothers while also seeking a form of closure from the mothers who made that decision and weighing the impact it had on their lives.

Watch the revealing short film below;

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