For the next pub quiz : What phones do the world leaders use? 

Wale Lawal’s brilliant short story, ‘Dr Lawanson’.

Dele Momodu continues his analysis of the political terrain in his Thisday column.

Rupert Murdoch is one of the most powerful and intriguing people in the world. He’s not getting any younger though. Michael Wolff, an authority on Murdoch and the media charts the inner dynamics of the tussle between his heirs on who would replace him. At the moment, prodigal son Lachlan is in pole position.

By taking over a football club famed for its underperformance and transforming it to one of the biggest clubs in the world, the image of the Qatari’s in the build up to their hosting of the World Cup has been well laundered. Simon Kuper tells the inside story of Paris Saint Germain in the FT

Chinua Achebe has been dead for about a year. His works stand the test of time comfortably. Helen Ritelmeyer analyses some of the factors that give nuance to his greatness.

“You’re so hot I’d rape you”. Houston, we have a problem. Sexism is still alive and Laura Bates provides the background and inspiration behind  her Everyday Sexism project.