David Meli Is Unapologetically Brazen on Climactic 12-Track Project ‘Zamira’

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Of the new school of artists springing out of every corner of the nigerian music industry, David Meli is one who has left an impressionable mark with notable records such as his debut project, the Indecisive EP and a number of other singles. As he continues to evolve, he pursues bigger goals and takes firmer steps such as the release of Zamira, his much anticipated 12-track project which was supposed to come last year but was held back perhaps as a ploy to dot every i and cross every t evidenced in the free flow of perfectly blended experimental sounds, realistic narratives and a flawless execution apexed in the 12-track project.

On Zamira, David Meli assumes many personalities and is many things ranging from a Hustler, a Lover Boy, a Player, a smooth operator to an anxious black youth highlighted in brief but astounding, impressionable and engaging narratives that draw life from an assortment of synthesized Keys, Drums, acoustics and a number of engaging percussion instrumentals that takes various shapes as the project progresses.

David Meli also proves the formidability of his talent with only two features that are barely noticeable in the way he assumes ownership of every track, evident in the pressing sense of comfortability featured throughout the project.

Translated through worthy Afrobeat blends and silky R&B/Soul intonations, Zamira is a realistic soundscape of discovery, experience, vulnerability, reality and enthusiasm. With an honest roll-out of his talent in the 12-tracks, David Meli has moved up our radars in an unforgettable manner that will not only promote his brand but afford him many life changing opportunities we hope will be evident in future releases.


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