While Mr Eazi may credit himself for other things, perhaps the greatest testament to his influence on afrobeat music is the impact he and Juls’ sound had on slowing down the tempo of the genre. Since then, the genre quite frankly has not been the same and DJ Femo’s 4 Ur Rockz mix is in some form proof. With bops like Tekno’s Jogodo, Burna Boy’s Ye, Famous Bobson’s Only You as well as Tu Face’s For Instance, Lady Donli’s Poison, Tiqeu and Minz’s Mo Ni and Timaya’s Ah Blem Blem, the mix is full of refined music you’ve heard on nights out to tracks from back when that you completely forgot about and of course songs you’re pleased you no longer have to live without.

Don’t get it twisted though, 4 ur Rockz is not all mid-tempo, there are tracks like Baba, Nowo and Soco on there that’ll also have you moving to the beat. Typical Femo, just enough of everything.