Passion is the fuel for ambition. DJ Femo is someone who screams passion for music, particularly the sort bubbling below the mainstream. In the past year, she has gained notoriety for unapologetically putting the sounds of underground acts at the fore on her mixes while her album arts suggest she’s putting the sounds of Nigeria’s freshman class in conversation with the rest of the world.

While Femo started off as a DJ, she has made the jump to production and her only reference thus far, Adara is easily in the conversation of the year’s best. Femo refuses to sit still and wallow in what some might tag as minor league victories and continues to march on suggesting she’s on a mission. The latest step in her evolution being her becoming a presenter with a radio show on youth-centered UK radio station, Reprezent Radio which shall serve as an extension of Something Radical, a movement she champions with the motive of serving as a crusader for the representation of Nigerian millennials in pop culture.


While Reprezent Radio is more familiar with British music, Femo’s show which shall be hosted every other Thursday between 2-4 pm UK Time shall serve as a stage for the latest music from the African continent and then go over and beyond and also dabble in the affairs of African millennials in other fields.

In email correspondence with Culture Custodian, DJ Femo revealed her desire to wave the Nigerian flag beyond the continent’s walls.

“I want to show the world what it’s like to be a young Nigerian. We all know what it’s like to be British or American youth through the media, so why not do the same with us?”

Ahead of her debut show, Femo also releases a new mix tagged ‘are they mad?’ which puts Afrobeat music from the likes of Fasina, Wizkid, YCee, Minz, D-O, Skuki, Maleek Berry in conversation with the likes of French Montana, Kojo Funds and Drake.

You can stream Reprezent Radio here.

Photo Credit: Data Pepple