Feyisayo Anjorin believes a good story is about binaries, and like most, ensures his points of view show in his work as shown by Crooked Road, a 2011 neo-noir production centered around Justine- a woman involved with the wrong crop of men. Knights in shining armor often appeal to those who go on the quest for the novel, the better.  However, Justine refuses to fall to this and tries to take affairs into her hands.
Human experiences color stories and these truths reflect in Anjorin’s work by making characters relatable leading to a sense of resonance with the audience.
In conversation with Culture Custodian on the short film, Anjorin explained the importance of Justine’s character. He said:
‘This is a woman taking responsibility for her own ‘salvation’ using her intelligence and sexuality; against the general idea of a powerless and docile woman waiting for a man.’