The Ghanian Student Coming after YouTube’s Money

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Gabriel Opare is a 19-year-old student at the University of Ghana who is definitely going to give YouTube a run for their money.

Gabriel is a 300-level student of sociology. However, from taking online coding courses and enough self-teaching sessions, he has now created Mudclo, a video search engine. The site is however “temporarily down for security reasons” so you cannot experience it just yet.

Gabriel however says:

“Mudclo will challenge the dominance of YouTube. I believe that my business is good enough and that it can scale globally. It is a legitimate point to say that YouTube is a video hosting website, but they are two different entities.While YouTube is a video hosting website, mine combines the power of YouTube and two other video hosting websites in order to create Mudclo.”

The idea is darn right impressive. It works just like other social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter) and YouTube. Discover, video sharing, search, video streaming, are some features of the engine. Adverts, tutorials, armature streams and music videos are some popular content you can be sure of.

He believes a whole lot in the abilities of his creation and his social media following definitely proves it.

Watch his introductory video below – hosted on the competition’s platform; talk about daring.


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