If there was a film equivalent of Rookie of the Year, Dare Olaitain would probably be the winner or at least in the conversation. His debut movie, Ojukokoro earned rave reviews and has been praised for its good storyline and its mix of social media stars and veteran actors. Its reception was top notch and while it didn’t remain in the cinemas for 3 months, it thrust Olaitan into the limelight and effectively paved the way for future roles as a writer on the Wedding Party sequel as well as his own NdaniTV show, Lagos Big Boy.

The show is centred around four millennial actors and highlights their struggles to make it big in Lagos. For social media ‘famous’ comedian and Battabox host, Gbolahan ‘Bollylomo’ Olatunde and actor Charles Etubiebi Oke, it’s a return to old territory considering they featured in Ojukokoro and 93 Days respectively. For former Pulse Nigeria presenter, Chukwuebuka ‘ChueyChu’ Okoye, and 90s Baby Radio Show host, Tosan Wiltshere, it’s a jump into new ground as they make their debuts.

With this show, Olaitan shall put on his second production which is dominantly male centered and he must begin to look at ways to introduce female lead characters in future work.

Tosan Wiltshire
Chukwuebuka ‘ChueyChu’ Okoye
Charles Etubiebi Oke
Gbolahan ‘Bollylomo’ Olatunde