Almost nothing unites the people of Nigeria like sports. It’s one of the things that brings out the patriotism like none other whether it’s the Super Eagles, Bobsledders or athletes. As the Commonwealth Games continue to go on, Nigerians have come together one more time to fight for what they’ve seen as an injustice to the country’s fastest man, 26 year old, Seye Ogunlewe.

After qualifying for the semifinals by coming in second place with a time of 10.20 seconds in Heat 8 behind Jamaica’s Yohannes Blake, Ogunlewe then qualified for the finals as he again recorded 10.20 seconds which served as his season best. In the Finals, Ogunlewe was ruled to have come in fourth place after he finished in 10.19 seconds, alongside Blake who was said to have come third while South African duo, Akani Simbine and Henricho Bruintjies came in first and second place.

With the same time, the decision on who gets the bronze medal ultimately went to reaction time where Blake did better, however, photo evidence suggests Nigeria’s fastest man may just have crossed the line ahead of the world’s former fastest man.

In his defence, his management group, The Temple Company and other affiliated individuals have taken to social media with some support from other Nigerians with the hashtag #AwardSeyeHisMedal taking over the streets of social media.