Written and directed by Damilare Sonoiki, a Black-ish writer; African Time deals with an African, specifically Nigerian, experience of life in America as immigrants.

The first episode is on YouTube but the next few episodes will require subscription starting from $19.99. The money paid will be used for funding the series which several producers described as ‘too specific, too niche, too African.’ African Time which has been rebranded from African Booty Scratchers, serves as the basis for a network of its own ‘made up of our fans.’

The pilot episode deals with a conflict of ideals. The struggle to maintain Nigerian values while attempting to adjust to life in a different country. The pilot episode so far, touches on Nigerian names. Father and son are pitted against each other as Ayodeji (Dami Dare) attempts to change his name for easier pronunciation as opposed to standing strong in he who is, as pointed out by his father. Dulo Harris plays Tunde, Deji’s father who struggles the most with American ideals.

The series is light-hearted, portraying various scenarios most Nigerians are all too familiar with such as Tunde’s incessant calls to Deji regarding the remote…that’s right next to him. I’m a fan of Harris’ performance and his embodiment as a Nigerian father, speeches, excessiveness and all. My one criticism is the lack of Ann, Deji’s mother (Niki Guluchi) seen within the episode. So far, she appears very passive and smiley, for the most part in agreement with her son. She doesn’t say much, and I for one would like to hear more from her.

Based on his classmates and the fact that Deji is the only black person in his class, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot jabs at Deji for both his skin and very being beyond ‘African booty scratcher’. I look forward to the exploration of racism and the adjustment to a new life within the series.