Anjola (@anj_ade) is a writer and poet after our hearts. In the last 12 months, her words have become a staple on our timelines exploring themes and expositions that are both biographical and sociological. This was the key ingredient in the soul food that was Mood best described as an “intimate evening of curated poetry, music and art” in collaboration with 16/16. It took place on the 13th of January and had over 60 people in attendance. Anjola’s very engaging set also gave some insight into some of the music that has acted as an influence.

The event was hosted by Zainab Amusan and creatively directed by Jola Ayeye and Anjola.

Find below a selection of pictures by Igho Emax @callme_emax and a video by the good people at Rosegold Group to get an idea of what you missed out on.