December is around the corner and while you will most probably frequent a number of concerts, Six.Thirty‘s​ got you if you’re looking to enjoy a new experience! A monthly, themed, ‘secret’ dinner party that takes place in a secret location month (on a Sunday) at 6.30 pm definitely sounds appealing. Featuring delicious food by a rotating cast of chefs, the chance to meet new people and the promise of an unrivalled dinner party experience. Six. Thirty is the brainchild of ​FK Abudu​.

What Guests Can Expect

Six.Thirty aims to add a ‘wow’ factor to the eating experience for guest with everything from the theme to the decor, food and random but interesting mix of guests. Each dinner is like stepping into a different world for 4 hours to enjoy a 3-5 course meal made by a talented chef. The location is released 24 hours before the event only to those whose seats have been confirmed which ranges between 40 and 60 people.

To add to the fun, getting in is a matter of chance. Guests sign up to the mailing list via their website and receive a passworded invitation every month where they can view the theme, the menu, the price and other relevant details. Once they have decided whether they want to go, they fill out a short form and RSVP. Their names are then entered into a random code generator. Those who are elected receive a link through which they can pay and secure their spot.

Too often, we get stuck in a rhythm that includes work, seeing and hanging around the same people and Six.Thirty finds its way of breaking that monotony. With only one event in the bag thus far, reviews have dominantly been on the plus side and this is one dinner party you definitely want to experience, so join the mailing list and wish the odds in your favor.