Using a sample from 50 Cent’s In the Club, Tekno’s Go has once more created a trending summer flick. He entertains the Nigerian vibe, Spanish guitar all containing potential – if not for the generic background beat.

The music itself is nothing new to his fanbase as the usual tempo and style is maintained.

The video’s opening scene attempts a luxurious summer lifestyle with open doors, convertibles and groupies. It graduated into posed shots of the models, zoom-ins and car/lawn party.

From the warm tones, a quick sequence of shots; the video missed points on creativity and uniqueness. Cars, girls, summer and a dancing Popstar were the elements pushed in the video – apart from the trees and red party cups. Nothing that has not already been witnessed in enough (Nigerian) music videos.

Significantly, the video is speculated to have an apology to Wizkid around time marks 2:53 to 3:05. A collaboration might just be on the way.

Watch the video below.