This New WhatsApp Feature Will Enable You Reject Unsolicited Group Invites

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Finally, the age-long irritant that is adding WhatsApp users to a group without prior notice would be put to rest soon, as WhatsApp is set to roll out its latest feature that gives users an edge to reject/accept group invites on the app.

Users have since called on WhatsApp over that irregularity and it does seem like WhatsApp is finally acceding to the pleas of the people.
WhatsApp Feature site WAbetaInfo, recently disclosed WhatsApp’s intention to enable users be in control of their being part of a group. This new feature can be accessed via “Setting > Privacy Menu” on the app. Users therefore have either of these options:

  • Everyone: the user can be always added in groups.
    No invites will be received.
  • My Contacts: the user can be always added in groups from his contacts.
    He will receive an invite to join a group from people not in his contacts list.
  • Nobody: the user cannot be directly added in groups, in any situation.
    He will receive a request everytime someone wants to add him in a group.

Incoming invites will last for 72 hours, after which it’ll be removed.

WhatsApp Group Invite

It’s not stated yet when the feature would be available for everyone. This update doesn’t affect the mode of joining a group chat using the group link invite though. The feature is currently under improvement and would be available for both Android and iOS users in no time.


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