Timaya’s New Artist, King Perry Is Fusing Continental Sounds

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Africa is projected in dominance through her rich fabric, Asia is in the cut via oil paper umbrellas and Perryy’s pants, European/American ideals can be perceived from the rest of his fashion ensemble while the female legs, the plant and the colours properly represent the gaiety of the Caribbean.

The genre of afro fusion simply represents the knitting of globally borrowed elements on an underlying African theme but King Perryy’s mission with The Continental Sound is to translate this fusion into a culture.

Although this “sound” is at its loudest in his music, you can hear it in the way he wears his distinct hairstyle, in the way he experiments with jewelry, in the way he mixes and matches unconventional fashion pieces from around the universe and in the excitingly unpredictable nature of his art.

The music style of every artiste is first formed by their influences before external factors come to play. King Perryy has time and again mentioned the names of Alex Zitto, Bob Marley, Sean Paul, Westlife and Timaya as the foundation upon which his artistry is solidly built on. Weaving in Alex Zitto piercing Afro-jamrock wave, Bob Marley’s evergreen reggae vibration, Sean Paul’s dancehall riddim, Westlife’s European melody and Timaya’s Afro-Caribbean fusion, the end product is a rare exotic flavour which now abounds in every piece of King Perryy’s music.

In his official debut- Man On Duty, we see an interesting combination of Perryy’s native Igbo language, Nigerian social pidgin and traces of the popular Jamaican Patois making the music consumable to his rapidly growing fan base around the world.

In a magazine where he shared the cover page with Timaya, King Perryy expressed his masterplan. “My sound is actually a fusion of afro sounds, and dancehall, then probably other genres of music. I make this

Continental Sound that I want to export outside Africa.”

The plan is now fully in motion with the release of his official sophomore called Eastern Baby. On this Micon-produced groove, King Perryy takes the party all the way to Eastern Africa as he sings of his Rwandan lady while spreading the love to Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia by virtue of his lyrics.

“Girl with the pretty dark skin say she come from Kigali”

With Eastern Baby, Perryy hopes to depict the essence of Africa’s diverse cultural beauty through an audio-visual representation made up of melanin women, native high fashion and lots of body art.

King Perryy is now nurturing his long-term goal of building a global empire that will see this brilliant innovation branded on fashion and music labels as well as other thriving sectors of the creative industry. The Continental Sound doesn’t dispute the fact that King Perryy is undoubtedly African. Instead, it establishes him as a citizen of the world.

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