Pull out your tent pegs, saddle your horses, enlarge your boarders, and get ready because Afro pop is getting a face-lift. Afro pop has adopted in recent times elements (particularly in musical instruments and recording studio techniques) of western music. Soaring on the wings of this trend, WavyTheCreator teases fans with new House inspired, Genio Bambino produced release, Interlude.

Multi-disciplined artist, WavyTheCreator on September 29, 2017 released new music ahead of her previously announced sophomore single, Stay. Aptly titled ‘Interlude’, the minute-long musical piece whets the appetites of Wavy’s fast-growing fan base and all lovers of alternative sounds. Commenting on the idea behind putting out a minute-long track, she said:

“It’s exciting, thrilling. It’s that moment when the song is about to end and you have to hurry back to the start. It’s how much of YOU you can fit into one minute. It’s wavy. I love the fact that people will not only love the music, but crave more.”

Interlude is available exclusively on Wavy’s SoundCloud and Instagram.

Listen Below.