Its March 2019, almost three years after Wurld released Show You off; a song that deservedly set the pace for his ethereal sound and became the catalyst to set his fire. This culminates in the climax of his hard work over the past few years in the form of a 9-track body of work titled Love is Contagious that spans a collection of new and old releases from his discography.

For musicians like Wurld who forayed into the Industry when the Alte brand was still in its early stages, gaining the attention of people across social strata was a chore but out of ambient and mellow records, Wurld formed an alliance with formidable Producers including Walshy Fire of Major Lazer, Sarz, Shizzi and Leriq. He also built a community of fans that not only appreciate his sound but relate to the intrinsic stories he tells with each track and as he continues to challenge the norms in a highly classified industry, we are inclined to look beyond the surface of the blue haired boy’s persona.

As if in a bid to match his music with his personality, Love is Contagious opens up with the trusty Show You Off which diffuses the hazy ambiance with enough soul to get us ready for an onslaught of relaxing yet propulsive ballads that border on various subjects.

On 9 mood inducing tracks, Wurld’s soulful voice laces the breezy keys, flutes, sumptuously textured guitar chords and blunt bass drums of each textured jam that will definitely rattle your emotions and have you moving along to the slow rhythm. With an extensive coverage of subjects, we’re left with little to imagine.

The sweet rising star is no newcomer, but the release of Love is Contagious, should propel Wurld into a bigger name with more name recognition.

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