10 Most Badass Moments on Game of Thrones

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We all know Game of Thrones averages about 25 badass moments per episode but we only took the time to collate all the times that you couldn’t help but give the scene a standing ovation. This was difficult as you can imagine and so we had to have a couple of rules: no character could have more than one entry on the list (otherwise Daenerys would have appeared too many times) and for a scene to qualify, the character that is being portrayed as formidable has to be a member of the main cast (which means Syrio’s fight with the Kingsguard in season 1 isn’t on this list.)

Our sincerest apologies because most of the people with great GoT YouTube videos disable embeds so rather than embedding really poor quality videos, we decided to just include the links for all.


10. The time Catelyn Stark got Tyrion captured

9. Tywin Lannister arriving at King’s Landing after the fight on Blackwater

8. The tearful speech Sansa made at the Eerie

7. The fight between Brienne and The Hound

6. “The King in the North”

5. When Daario Naharis killed Meereen’s champion

4. Tyrion’s speech at his second trial

3. Oberyn Martell‘s introduction

2. The battle between The Night’s Watch and the wildlings against the White Walkers


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