3 Innovative Ways To Boost Your Business

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When you run your own business you have to think for yourself, develop fresh ideas and keep things interesting for your team. Being able to think outside the box is often a key quality of an entrepreneur, partly because it is necessary to succeed and partly because by your very nature, you like to see things differently and try new things. This is why today we thought we would share with you 3 innovative ways to boost your business.

Make an impact online

You should already have a website for your business, you have probably dipped your toe into the world of advertising online, and you might well have one or two social media channels set up. You have all of the basics in place, yet you have yet to make an impact online. 

Making a name for yourself online can be challenging as you are a small voice in a sea of millions, so what can you do to stand out from the crowd. 

Firstly, get an expert involved to look at your website critically. They might be able to improve its appearance or its functionality and visibility in search engines. Once you are confident that you have the right branding, image and useability, you need to work on bringing more visitors in. 

We would recommend that you try your hand at blogging. It can be worth writing a blog for your business as a way of presenting yourself as an authority on your subject. For example, if you run a gardening business, you can start writing posts sharing planting tips, landscaping advice and pest management. It presents your business in a favorable light and your blogs will reach a new audience, who are all potential clients. It can also help clients to engage with you as you can choose to share more of yourself and a behind the scenes look at your business.

Do things differently with your team

A happy and fun workplace does not mean people are messing around all day, it actually means more productivity, efficiency and motivation if done well. 

You could choose to hold yoga sessions every morning, you could get breakfast as a treat once a week or you could play music as people are arriving each day. Kicking the day off in a fun and positive way will help to lift and set the tone for the day. Just be mindful that not everyone is a morning person, so too much perkiness around them might switch them off. 

You might choose to use innovative workshops to help your team discover their own inner resources, such as https://www.tprf.org/, or you could hold all day team meetings and sessions to really come together and develop ideas and improve your workplace. 

Make links within your community

Get out there and find out what’s happening in your community, then play your part or drive new initiatives.

You could help to create some urban art, contribute to a mural, help out in a food drive or support a community fair. 

Where possible, get involved with projects that align with your values. Returning to the example of a gardening business, you might help to regenerate some unused land or form a community garden. 


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