Ebony Life just secured the bag with Sony Pictures Television

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With the success of the Wedding Party franchise, it’s become par for the course now to find those involved in the process of content creation and production seeking to tell those authentic Nigerian stories that had been otherwise ignored over the years. Ebony Life and Mo Abudu by extension, have become heavy players in the content space as a result of this. In the last two days, two announcements have come showcasing an execution plan of some sorts.

The first one being an agreement with Sony Pictures Television to producethe Nigerian version of dating reality show, The Dating Game. EbonyLife will produce the adaptation this spring, ahead of its planned premiere later this year. The Dating Game est. 1965 gives single contestants a chance to find love by asking three hidden suitors a number of questions. Whoever the contestant thinks gave the best answers is chosen and gets a chance to go on a date with the hopeful singleton. In the next episode, the audience gets to see what happened on the date and hear if the couple want to see each other again.

The latter announcement indicates a plan to co-develop three exciting new scripted TV projects, with Sony Pictures Television set to distribute internationally. It will include a TV series inspired by the Dahomey Warriors. The action-packed series, inspired by true events that took place in the West African Kingdom of Dahomey, will tell the empowering story of the all-female Warriors and show the ultimate strength of women coming together, fighting to protect and honour their people. Development on the Dahomey Warriors project will start immediately with further details of the two additional projects to follow.


Congratulations to the players in this and hopefully, it’s the first of many more.



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