4 Ways That Sports Has Changed Over The Years

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Going back 100 years ago, most people didn’t have the opportunity to play sports, irrespective of their talents. Fast-forwarding to today, the sports world is now a big universe on its own, accommodating people from all walks of life. Obviously, the sports industry has gone through a massive transformation throughout its history. For professional players and fans in the industry, sports innovation is a big plus for their success as they can leverage modern technology to improve their experience. Here are the top four ways the sports industry has changed over the past years. 

  • Sport outfits

Sportswear has changed for the better, thanks to advancements in the clothing industry. In the next few years, athletes will have access to smart clothing, outfits that will be integrated with sensors to help track biometrics in real-time. This means that athletes will be able to monitor their temperature, heart rate, and other vital signs while taking part in competitions. The next few decades promise to revolutionize the field of sports in numerous ways, with sports outfits set to climb new levels.

  • Scrutiny

For the first time in history, the world football governing body FIFA introduced the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system during the 2018 World Cup. This advanced technology gives referees a second chance to replay video footage to help them in their decision-making. This way, the problem relating to human error is solved, and officials will be able to pass fair judgments. With technology playing a significant role in scrutinizing games, referees can now improve their match officiation and protect players on the pitch.

  • Sports betting and e-sports

The way people place bets on sports competitions has also changed drastically in recent years. For example, about a decade ago, people used to go to a bookie before they could bet. However, nowadays, betting companies have gone virtual due to explosive interest in the business. Jorge Hank Rhon, CEO of the Mexican sports betting company Grupo Caliente has been able to triple his staff numbers since he took ownership of the company in 1985. Thanks to growing interest in the betting community, Grupo Caliente now has multiple branches scattered across Central and South America. Furthermore, video games have made e-sports a reality. There are now several online tournaments for people to join and compete and win prizes.

  • Muscle-up workout space

The dynamics of sports competitions have reached higher intensities, and this demands athletes to keep fit at all times if they want to stay on top of their games. Strength and conditioning coaches are finding jobs in the professional sports universe. While sports rules themselves continue to evolve with time, diet, nutrition, and exercise also move hand-in-hand with sports. Fitness coaches now understand what type of routines are beneficial for athletes in different fields. With good training and nutrition, athletes can improve their performance while minimizing their risks of injuries.

Not even the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic could place a lid on the sports industry. Some games are now played behind closed doors as fans watch live matches from the comfort of their homes.


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