5 African Creatives To Celebrate This Pride Month

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From incessant discrimination and grotesque homophobia, to hate crimes, inhumane ridicule and misrepresentation in the mainstream media, the challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community seem unending, especially in Africa where anti-gay laws are still firmly in place. For many Africans who identify as anything other than heterosexual, simply existing is a daring act of defiance.

With Pride Month well underway, we’re spotlighting a few of our favourite young African creatives who are using their platforms to create awareness and challenge outdated narratives surrounding sexuality in Africa.

Azania Realness (She/Her)

Thando Hlophe is a young South African video journalist, digital storyteller and vlogger whose YouTube channel is called Azania Realness. Chronicling her everyday experiences as a lesbian woman living in Johannesburg, Thando shares her relatable and witty views on a variety of topics like how to deal with internalized homophobia, being open about her sexuality within her church community, and fat-shaming, while also keeping viewers entertained with hilarous banter, tiktoks and footage from some of her travel adventures. With over 18,000 Youtube subscribers, Thando’s content is opening the space for dialogue and a sense of community for herself and her viewers. 

Harry Itie (He/Him)

A jack of many trades, Harry Itie is an entertainment journalist, blogger, writer, pop culture commentator and podcaster based in Lagos. The young Nigerian is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Rustin Times, a growing advocacy platform that is committed to elevating the conversation around LGBTQ+ issues and people across the continent and African diaspora. It was through this same platform that he released his ever-salient documentary, Defiance, which is centered around the lives of some of the active and vocal members of the queer community in Nigeria. Clearly passionate about his work, Harry is playing an important part in amplifying African queer voices.

Bandy Kiki (She/Her)

Kiki is a popular blogger and YouTuber who uses her platform to support LGBTQ+ rights in Africa and her country of birth, Cameroon. Describing herself as an unapologetic African lesbian and entrepreneur, Bandy’s content includes LGBTQ+ related tips, quizzes, relationship and lifestyle advice, and features an #AskKiki segment, making her channel an interactive space for queer people across the continent to gather, rub minds and share their thoughts.

Suburban Zulu (He/They)

Digital storyteller and culture commentator, Lelo Macheke offers a mix of personal stories and realistic observations on media, culture and the queer experience in South Africa. A fan of a good glass of wine, statement earrings and beautiful braids, Macheke comes across as warm, gender-fluid and expressive in his videos, highlighting important issues such as queer representation, trauma and anxieties about one’s safety and future. Often praised for being relatable and candid, it’s clear from the numerous comments on the videos that many viewers not only enjoy the content, but also feel safe sharing their own personal experiences and views on the platform.

Amara The Lesbian (She/Her)

Amara is a writer, filmmaker and YouTuber who vlogs about her life as a lesbian living in Nigeria and shares intimate details about her relationship with her partner. Not limited to YouTube and rather vocal, she also takes to Instagram and Twitter to discuss LGBTQ+ rights and express herself boldly. From showing viewers her outfit and meal choices to talking them through her mundane and sometimes exciting daily tasks, there’s something raw and unfiltered about Amara’s content; a reminder that at the end of the day, everybody is human, first and foremost.


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