6 facts you didn’t know about Nonso Amadi

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nonso amadi

Nonso Amadi is a 21 year old singer who burst onto the scene in 2015 with a one of a night track, Tonight and then followed up with his debut project, Alone EP. Since coming out, Tonight has been streamed over 500,000 times whilst allowing Nonso grow his core following. We decided to dig up a couple of facts about him.

1.) Large family: 6 siblings

Nigerians like to do the sex so large families aren’t a particularly rare occurrence. Nonso Amadi comes from one of those. His is a family of 7 children and he happens to be the 3rd oldest member of the team.

2.) Nonso Amadi: The artist-producer

You might only have allowed his melodies seep into your heart but Nonso Amadi also happens to be a producer which definitely gives him a firmer hand in the creation of his music. Tonight was self produced. He also produced Ride off Oma Mahmud’s Somewhere in Lagos EP. We could say Amadi is following in the steps of the likes of Cobhams Asuquo and Maleek Berry with the duality.

3.) Track after track: Inspired by true events

Nonso Amadi is a storyteller and all his songs come from experiences he has been through. His debut project, Alone, was about a love interest he had while he lived in the UK. Initially, Nonso felt it was a one-sided relationship but before long she opened up her heart. Long Way Home is actually about her change of heart.

4.) Starting off: Reflecting and escaping life’s realities

We all have different reasons we do the things we do. For Nonso, he went the music path because he felt it was a way to talk to himself and reflect as well as escape life’s realities and then all of you started listening to him and now he probably cannot stop cos you won’t let him!

5.) Big dreams: An NGO and working with Jon Bellion.

For Nonso, music is definitely not the end goal- he’s got big dreams and one of those dreams is to establish a non-governmental organization that has an impact on at least 1000 people. In relation to music though, Amadi has two big dreams; to be featured on the Billboard lists some day and to make music with Jon Bellion. So if your uncle’s cousin’s friend’s grandpa’s son is Jon Bellion, do the needful.

6.) He despises onions and flying.

Nonso Amadi’s definitely doesn’t torment any of his friends with onion breath because he hates them. Oh yeah! He doesn’t particularly enjoy flying either. Perhaps that’s why you’ve not seen him live in Lagos yet.