6 Reasons People Buy Air Jordan Retro ‘Raging Bull’ 2021

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The Air Jordan brand, owned by Nike, first launched the model, ‘Raging Bull’ in 2009. The model that featured a premium red suede and a black outsole become a popular brand among Air Jordan fans. However, with other emerging models from the brand, the ‘Raging Bull’ may have become unavailable in the market. This was until news of a release of a ‘Raging Bull’ retro broke out.  

With the release of the retro, fans will have a chance to know what made the brand popular among sneakers collectors. Lovers of the Air Jordan 5 ‘Raging Bull’ available on Flight Club and other different outlets can now purchase the design and live up to their style.

Features Of The Retro ‘Raging Bull’

The retro design is a popular brand because of its features. The features make the shoe comfortable like its 2009 predecessor. The retro blends a sportsman technology and color combination to form a unique style.

Some of the unique features of the brand include: 

  • Red Suede Upper And Matching Laces

The premium red suede used on the upper side of the shoe gives it a bright look. The matching laces also blend in with the suede seamlessly, making it appear striking. 

  • Black And White Sole

The shoe has a detailed black midsole combined with a white outsole. The sole features a perfect color blend whose non-shiny look matches with the red suede.

  • Mesh Inserts

The mesh inserts on the side allow for aeration and comfort. This feature maintains the traditional aesthetics of the brand. It also makes a statement about its sportsmanship technology.

  • Nike Air

The air between the heels and the sole has been like a trademark for the brand. The air allows for cushioning and shock absorption. This makes it comfortable when moving or doing activities that may stress the feet. 

Reasons People Buy The Retro

The reintroduction of the retro design has led to people seeking to buy it. There are several reasons why people opt to buy the brand.

These reasons include:

  • The Shoes Are Comfortable

The shoe’s design, having air between the heel and the sole, gives it a cushioning effect. The footwear could be suitable for different off-road adventures such as hiking. The air also cushions athletes whenever they jump while playing sports like basketball. 

The mesh inserts on each side of the shoe allow for aeration. This feature will help cool your feet, especially if you’re looking to wear shoes for an extended period. For people with sweaty feet, the ‘Raging Bull’ could be a good fit to cool you down.

  • The Brand Is A Fashion Statement

The brand’s artistic combination of sports technology and a colorful blend makes it a good output of fashion design. The red suede and fuzzy-colored soles make it a perfect match for people looking for either a bright look or those who want to combine simple outfits with bright shoes. Even celebrities end up patronizing the brand as it adds to their own.

  • The Retro Is Cheaper 

When the retro price is compared to the price of the original version, it’s pretty cheaper. People looking to get the same style and brand but at a low cost may choose the retro. It may be cheaper compared to some other designs.

  • They’re Good For Exercise

An athlete might look for shoes that are comfortable and allows for easy movements. Whether a professional athlete or a person looking to exercise regularly, it’s vital to get a shoe that will allow you to move better. The retro features, such as a double sole, a high padded ankle collar, and laces give your feet good support. You can’t worry about them coming off or bruising your ankles. 

  • It Gives A Luxurious Look

The reflective tongue, logo, and shark-teeth design between the soles give the sneakers a luxurious look. People who’d want to announce their presence using shoes would go for the retro as the reflection could easily catch someone’s eye. 

  • It Offers Versatility

Whether you’re going for a casual or trendy look or looking for hiking sneakers, this retro offers you all that. The shoes are designed in a way to suit different occasions. You can pair it with your favorite outfit when playing basketball and later use it when attending classes. On each of those occasions, the shoes will fit in perfectly. It could be a good alternative for people looking to use sneakers that won’t harm their feet during various activities.


The ‘Raging Bull’ retro is a brand people could consider having as part of their wardrobe or collection. They’re not only a classic fashion style, but also suitable for casual or sportswear. The versatility allows you to get one shoe that serves you on different occasions.

The technology used in making the retro is essential for footwear. It incorporates comfort, athleticism, style, and timelessness. For sneakers fans, the retro is reminiscent of the classic 2009 version, and it will spice up your collection. 


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