TWYN Review: 8 Lessons Learnt From ‘Take What You Need’ by Abiola Babarinde

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Abiola Babarinde

The journey of discovering oneself is a path of many unexpected turns, hills, and road bumps as tested and tried by wellness and mindfulness writer, Abiola Babarinde which she shared in her debut book, Take What You Need — a collection of life lessons and words of encouragements aimed at those in the pursuit of clarity and all-around wellness for their lives.

Take What You Need

Early this year, we had a chat with the author where she spoke to us about the inspiration behind Take What You Need, and what she would like readers to take away from the book but taking a deeper dive into the book, it’s more than just a collection of carefully curated words of encouragement from someone else’s experiences, it’s your guide to navigating your way through life’s daily challenges with focus on 4 key areas:

  • mind, soul + self

  • relationships + connection

  • purpose + the process

  • resilience

Mind, soul + self

  • The progression of self cannot be quantified, measured, or touched. No one will ever be right in telling you what to do or how to feel. To find inner peace, one must fully work through life’s grievous and joyous experience
  • The question of ‘self-worth’ isn’t answered by reaching goals or acquiring wants. Soul satisfaction only comes when we’ve separated ourselves from what the world perceives as successful and delight in our own step-by-step growth process.

Relationships + connections

  • You can’t really love others if you haven’t learned to love yourself and vice versa.
  • It’s a good thing to grow with people, but it’s perfectly normal to let go of people for the sake of your wellbeing

Purpose + the process

  • The purpose is revealed in the process, so trust there is a time for everything.
  • It is okay to question everything. There’s more value in life than what we’ve been forced to consume.


  • The start of something new is always exciting, but it’s how we scale the downhills that determine our level of growth.
  • When confronted by failure or pressure always remember the end goal and stop worrying about the opinion of others.

Aiming to be your new BFF author, Abiola gives a whole lot of hopeful insight and purpose-driven perspective, pushing readers to pursue their God-given purpose and become their best selves.

Abiola Babarinde

To get a copy of the book;


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In-store at Lennox Collective, Lennox Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Buy in-store at Laterna Bookstore, 13 Oko Awo Street, off Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

For more information on Abiola, her website and Instagram.

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