Absolut Vodka Nigeria Uses Its New Creator Competition As A Force for Change

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Absolut Vodka Nigeria is known for its collaborations within the art space. Naturally, they’ve tapped this constituency for a fantastic new campaign. The Absolut Creator Competition, in a brilliant initiative,  helps in shining a spotlight on digital artists in Nigeria.

The digital art space in Nigeria is alive and blooming, gaining popularity by the day, especially with the youthful population. In recognition of the powerful combination of art and passionate youths, The Absolut Creator Competition wants digital artists to join them on their mission to create a better, more inclusive world, with Nigeria as the focus.

As art has and will always provide room for imagination, the competition’s objective is to use this as a force of change. The artists are expected to deliver their unique picture of what a better Nigeria could look like. They are also expected to be driven to bring their imagination to reality. This is a competition for people who are in touch with their society and have the zeal to participate in its development.

To this effect, the Absolut Creator Competition wants digital artists to create digital artwork with the Absolut bottle silhouette that puts in mind a specific theme under the general umbrella of positive change. They request that artists focus on their core theme: Everyone should be free to express themselves. 

To participate in the competition,

  1.  An artist will have to create their vision of a better Nigeria using the brand theme in their design. 
  2. The outline of the Absolut bottle, the brand logo, and tagline should be incorporated in their designs and these can be downloaded here. 
  3. Once the artwork, depicting their reimagined Nigeria, is ready, artists can sign up and submit here. On the website, ensure to fill out all required details (e.g name, email address e.t.c).

Furthermore, interested artists should take note of the following guidelines, to increase their chances of winning.

  1. Artworks must embody the theme in a Nigerian context
  2. Artwork should be based on one belief only
  3. Artwork must include the Absolut Bottle outline from top to bottom.
  4. Artwork must include the brand logo and campaign tagline at the bottom
  5. Artwork must be developed in portrait format – not dimension specific.
  6. Avoid multiple silhouettes within your artwork

Potential rewards include a MacBook Pro laptop, 1 Year premium subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, The Absolut Vodka Nigeria Creator Merch, and a one-year internship with a creative agency. 

This is a great opportunity for budding artists to showcase their talents and vision, in line with a brand like Absolut Vodka.


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