Listen to Adewolf Detail The Blueprint Of His Mind On ‘Golden’

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With the new wave of artists coming out of their comfort zones to challenge societal norms with art that is beyond the grasp of the mainstream, comes an urge to prove themselves in the truest of ways, one that has become evident in their releases. These days, we find that lyrics are no longer just words written to please crowds but stories inspired by real life or fictional but believable and relatable events. Toronto based singer meets producer, Adewolf is one of these artists challenging the norms and telling stories through his songs, latest of which is Golden, a lithe and soulful rendition of the blueprint of his life.

Golden is a mellow self-assessment where Adewolf takes a conscious personal inventory of his life over textured percussions and drums, in bits that are not far fetched and highly relatable. The track is nothing short of realism and while the story it tells is gloomy and the instrumentals, lulling, it’s a thought-provoking song that will penetrate its listener’s conscious, an ability that’s very much needed these days.

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