Afrobeats Singer Yartti Releases New Single “Ben Dover”

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Afrobeats singer and songwriter,  Yartti is known by friends and collaborators for his expressive music, and he has taken this a step further by producing, writing and laying vocals on his new single, Ben Dover

Ben Dover can be described as a single carefully crafted along tempting baselines. It is a simple and harmoniously easy flowing track through which Yartti shows his mastery in production. Interestingly, his talent in songwriting and singing also shine in this track.

Yartti has been building his sound around an ideology he defines as “afroculture”. To him, Afroculture means taking all the elements of sounds around like hiphop, highlife, jazz, soul etc and infusing them into the catchy vibes of Afrobeats. Truly, the Afro elements take a shine in Ben Dover, his recently released single. 

Ben Dover calls on listeners to move their bodies to the bounce, its lyrics and the artist’s vocals doing all the coaxing. The single is poised to reach lovers of dance, rhythm, bounce and good music as Yartti makes preparations for his sound to touch all corners of the planet.

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