Akajou Sets Hope Against Punchline Heavy And Bass Driven Backdrops On ‘Clouds’

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Last time we heard from LA-based rapper, Akajou, he was bridging the gap between a tumultuous experience and his decision to move on against all odds on a single titled Air, and still, in that atmospheric space, he reaches farther for positivity, attempting to touch it by way of his textured flow we’re slowly coming to love and candid punchlines on his latest, Clouds.

Clouds is a song about getting through the cloudy days and knowing the sun shines behind the clouds”

Akajou says about the single and, this motivating theme is evident in his bass backed words. Words like “I stay ahead, just another day of biting on this bread”.

Produced by Sincere Noble, Clouds is also very introspective and focuses on the wins and losses during Akajou’s journey. It also serves as a precursor of his forthcoming album, Air.


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