Akuchi’s ‘Whyne’ Is A Sprightly Ode To The Old Art Of Wooing

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Having enjoyed a partnership with Olamide that resulted in two singles in which they both shared the center stage, singer, producer, and record-label co-founder, Akuchi is familiar with the techniques used to stir and enliven mainstream music, especially during this time of the year. On the back of his earlier released 2021 debut, Solo, he returns with these techniques as the foundation of his timely latest, Whyne, a sprightly ode to the old art of wooing.

Bursting with colorful synths and lively drums, Whyne finds the singer, urging his muse and by extension, his listeners to let their bodies give in to the moves inspired by his sound and story. The song embodies the carefree nature of fun times, with lyrics like “we piss each other off and we eat each other out” highlighting its message of enjoying romantic fun even when affairs become somewhat complicated. 007’s production evokes the bright, alluring atmosphere of Caribbean sounds, while the accompanying saxophone adds a sweet layer to the song’s overall intoxicating effect.

Whyne captures the growth in Akuchi’s music, which is inspired by his journey over the years. In a recent interview, he asserted that his strategy is to give the people a story no one can make up or re-make. With his recent string of releases, his attempt to deliver on these words, shines through.


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