UMG’s Breakout Star Alpha P Shares 5-track Sound Defying Debut EP ‘King Of The Wolves’

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Among other memorable happenings in 2019, Rema’s unveiling peaks at the top 10 especially because it gave the industry the teen star; in every sense of the word, it never had and it paved the way for like-minds to come on board. The year is almost over and artistes are fast pulling their last tricks out of their sleeves. For Universal Music Group, topping Don Jazzy’s move with Rema is among their last tricks and in unveiling Alpha P, a budding Superstar who previously flitted through the industry, they’ve upended the balance with the singer’s debut EP that is chock-full of tracks worthy enough to close the curtains on a busy year and usher in a new one.

Aptly titled King of the Wolves the 5-track EP is a genre-defying collection of songs for every mood. In the 5 tracks, Alpha P articulates diverse narratives in sonorous vocals that laces the deep grooves of each spacey bop packed with swooning qualities. A personal favorite More is the mid-tempo, funky, free-flowing cut that reeks of psychoactive influences. But the standout track, Paloma is an upbeat rendition that is not only heartwarming and mood-inducing but an impressive display of just how corny Alpha P is.

King of the Wolves does not exactly pack the punch of an impressive debut project as its singles are quite run-of-the-mil and while the rising star is no newcomer to the music world, his affiliations with Universal Music Group Nigeria has opened a portal with an alluring quality that will have everyone clamoring for presence everywhere very soon.

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