Amaarae Is Grown And Sexy On Upcoming EP Prelude ‘Fancy’

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Last time we heard from Amaarae, she was reveling in the plushness of solitude on Leave Me Alone but the soul train driver is walking a clear path to her sophomore EP release and so revealing a three-dimensional version of herself is of utmost importance to heighten anticipation and prove the multiplicity of her character. On Fancy, her newest release, she is geared in sugar, spice, and everything nice, contrary to the gothic outfit she donned in the video, boldly dishing on her sexual preferences.

Her sultriness is evident in her ever smooth vocals, the bawdiness of her lyrics, and the ambiance of the accompanying David Nicol-Sey directed video.

Amaarae is everywhere on the KZ and Haze produced single, the sonic blueprint, consisting of a rich mix of Trap, Funk and Psychedelic Pop is proof of her boundlessness, the perfect herald of her soon to be released EP, The Angel You Don’t Know.