Amaarae Promotes Sonic Vision in Sophomore Project “Fountain Baby”

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New York-born Ghanaian artiste Amaarae has been enjoying an interesting journey in the music industry since her rise in 2020. Having initially released the single Co-Star earlier about a month ago, she has now launched her sophomore studio album Fountain Baby. As her latest offering, it is a successor to her successful debut project The Angel You Don’t Know which had put her in the spotlight.

In Fountain Baby, Amaarae strikes with her customary breezy, sultry vocals, and her enviable sonic aura spread across fourteen tracks. Basking in the full strength of her solo potentials, the artiste shirks collaborations. Her do-it-yourself approach enables listeners to fully immerse themselves in her artistic vision and try to make sense of it without obtrusion.

Amaarae retains her dynamic, genre-bending essence on this mix, as she delivers a mishmash of different sounds, branching into pop, Afrobeats, Alté, RnB and  Soul. With her opting for sonic eclecticism, the songstress joins a unique breed of Afrobeats stars who are keen on revolutionizing the industry, directly or indirectly. Also shining through the album are Amaraae’s sensational storytelling ability and seemingly effortless lyrical prowess, as she tweaks language and voice into an artistic masterpiece.

Produced by Golden Angel LLC under exclusive licence to Interscope Records, Amaarae’s album projects her as one of Ghana’s most appreciable music connoisseurs of the current generation. 

Listen to Fountain Baby: