Andela Lays Off 135 Staff In Response To COVID-19

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Andela, the software outsourcing hub hailed as one of the most successful products to emerge from the Nigerian tech ecosystem has briefed staff that 135 of its members will be laid off across four locations. The cut will affect 10% of its overall staff strength.

Per Tech Cabal, the news was relayed via a teleconference call attended by about 1,300 staff from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Egypt and the U.S by CEO, Jeremy Johnson

COVID 19 and the ensuing freeze on economic activity have impacted the financial activity and potential of corporations and this has had a chain reaction across the world. While talking to staffers, Johnson referenced the shrinkage in the company’s customer base as the major reason behind the layoffs. He said, “While our customer base has held up better than most, the majority have still been impacted by the economic downturn.” Andela expects to “see churn spike this year as well as a decline in new customers due to the economic uncertainty.”  The larger expectation that growth will slow necessitates the cost-cutting measures “to ensure that we make it to the other side,”.

Those laid off are expected to be released from their duties by the 8th of May. However, as a goodwill gesture to ease their exit, the company said it will provide comprehensive severance packages and four months of health coverage.

Story culled from TechCabal

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