André Wolff, Ayüü And PsychoYP Explore Glory And Gore Of Life On ‘Swollen’

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With every mind-blowing experiment-driven release we get, Abuja proves to be the gift that keeps giving to the Nigerian music industry because more often than not, the cream of the crop of releases from this group is from the Capital, born, bred or migrated. This week we witness this in full form on the Don Ozi Swollen, an emotion-packed cut thickened by heavy pop influences.

Delivered by Psycho YP, one of the Hip hop scene’s promise of a bright future, Ayüü, a rising star driven by his unrestrained attitude to music and up and comer, André Wolff, Swollen is a welcome cacophony of sounds experiment that tugs at the core of the mind of their listeners from different angles made possible by its riotous features and their individualistic deliveries.

Much can be said about Swollen but one constant will be the impressive performance of the talent teeming triad that suggests years of experience making music when in reality, they are mostly newcomers with intrinsic talents.

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