Self-Confidence And Sultriness Take Center Stage With April Maey On ‘Sweatshirt’

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It is impossible to put April Maey in a box. Her debut EP, Ticket To Anywhere is proof of this, and some of her standout narratives, like that of Sweatshirt, her latest and ticket to summer relevance, depict her approach to life and how her actions are somehow metaphors for this inability to be defined using one word.

A carefree hip-hop-influenced body of work, Sweatshirt finds Maey expressing herself to the world in that sultry manner we have become accustomed to, with the added twist of the edginess inspired by her rhythmic approach and the percussion powered instrumental that gives life to her words.

Not only is Sweatshirt affirming, but it is also daring and expressive because, according to Maey, “…who cares if you wear a sweatshirt when it’s 41 degrees outside, or if you wear sunglasses at a nightclub. Be you and be true to who you are.”


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