April Maey Feeds Christmas Spirit With Acoustic Version Of ‘Ticket To Anywhere’

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April Maey has had many tricks up her sleeves this year that have worked in her favor. From the compelling and unique sound direction of her stellar debut, Ticket To Anywhere, to the interpretation of the video for Starry Night, the five-track EP’s lead single, she has taken all the right turns and today, it peaks at a revamped version of Ticket To Anywhere, accompanied by a token track, Christmas Morning.

Inspiring the feels while familiarizing us with her range like the original version of the EP did, this release, an acoustic version, led by the very Christmassy and fluid Christmas Morning featuring Citymonstar, also shows off April Maey’s vocal sphere by capitalizing on her willingness to drift between multiple genres and creative processes. The complementary acoustics powered by chords plucked in line with her silky flow is proof of this and an added advantage meant to completely set off emotions.

April Maey’s songs turn true and intimate tales into poignant examinations of our relationships and the notion of identity and with Ticket To Everywhere in all its forms, this is clear.

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