Ayanfe Leads With Cultural Heritage On Sophomore Single ‘African Vibe’

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We live in times in which timing, effort, and consistency are the key codes required of creatives to crack in order to guarantee success in their endeavors and it is not very often we witness the new-schoolers especially crack these codes, however for Ayanfe one of DMW’s latest recruits, garnering the affection of the public came through adherence to these phenomena and it came organically. He bought the public’s attention at no currency other than the viral effect one of his skits had on Instagram. Following the reception gotten from the skit, he leveraged it with a lucrative deal which he later sealed with his debut single, Pretend. With no time to waste, Ayanfe raises the pitch of his voice in the industry with African Vibe, his K-Dreams produced sophomore single accompanied by a video directed by Dammy Twitch.

The single which now serves as one of Triller’s more popular soundtracks is a persona defining single broached from the cultural heritage angle. Ayanfe dishes on the highlights of his continent, what it entails to be African, and the benefits that come with it. His lyrical dexterity is one of the single’s standouts alongside his very active imagination which he realizes in so many colorful ways in the video.

Ayanfe proves again that his passion and talent are his major drivers and he brings these features to the melodic follow-up that is African Vibe.

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