AYLØ’s Refined And Exquisite Taste Reflects On His 10-Track Mixtape ‘dnt dlt’

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AYLØ returns this month with a 10-track project borne out of his rebellion against uncertainty, titled dnt dlt. Having already featured as an alte poster boy on several singles this year and shared the project’s two singles, Paris and Sassy, AYLØ doubles back to his beginnings, more confident and self-assured this time and builds on the little but important components of his artistry to churn out 10 different stories, bluesy, jazzy and bass-y that will take his listeners on psychedelic-like journeys.

Inspired by a refined taste for exquisite sounds, tracks like I Listen To You, are mood-inducers that will offer introspection while more uptempo records like Sassy, a fan favourite will motivate you to move your body to the heavy basslines.

Armed with very few features, fluid vocals and a refined taste for alternative sounds, AYLØ delivers his best performances yet on dnt dlt and while the duplication of instrumentals points to a constrained style, his decision to take this route indicates a certain kind of fearlessness we rarely see these days, one we think will inspire better projects than the already topnotch dnt dlt.

Stream the 10-track project here.

Photo credit: @___tse

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