Listen to ‘Sassy’ by AYLØ, Psycho YP & Fasina

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One of the legacies of the Alternative movement and its main actors is possibly the manner in which they have changed the narrative of the Nigerian music industry. In making music varying from the mainstream, an appetite for music fusion has been born. Aylo, particularly excels at this and this is reflected on his latest single, Sassy featuring Psycho YP and Fasina.

The song is an ode to feminine genuis and women’s wit. It also explores their need for connection and intimacy. Sassy is a smooth mix of mellow and upbeat that is generally  characteristic of Alté music. The song has a different twist with the harmony Fasina and Psycho YP provide. The blues at intervals also add to the healing melody of the song. The chorus is soft, calm and flows well into the up tempo verses.

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