AYLØ Returns With New Album ‘For Good Reasons’

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Nigerian artist AYLØ is back with his highly anticipated 10-track album For Good Reasons. Following the success of his 2020 Clairsentience EP, and the acclaimed 2019 dnt’dlt mixtape, AYLØ encapsulates the trials and triumphs that we as humans face, and the experiences we all intrinsically relate to in For Good Reasons.

The album highlights AYLØ’s introspective storytelling, lyrical expertise, and soulful vocals as each of the tracks open a window of the artist’s life. AYLØ takes us through a myriad of feels as the project develops with each song echoing its own unique sentiment while being beautifully laced with AYLØ’s amalgamation of sound which in true alté style merges alternative RnB, neo-soul, Afropop, and hip hop.

With this new project, AYLØ is reintroducing himself, expressing that despite the chaos in life, there is still a lot of fun to be had. In his words, “Ultimately life is for living, and I’m a firm believer in everything happening For Good Reasons.”

A fan favorite, and described by peers in the industry as “the Nigerian Frank Ocean,” due to his smooth, distinct sound and somewhat understated persona, AYLØ’s latest project carries the audience along in self-reflection. “Going on this journey, I’ve realized that I lost some of my authenticity at different points, but I’m appreciating the fact that change is constant – it ebbs and flows,” he explains. On For Good Reasons, AYLØ manages to find a sweet spot which he describes as “Balance, intention, and consistency: so many ideologies I started to explore and understand. Far From Home means far from your truth, far from your peace. It’s an invitation to come back to self,” as he intends to do with his return.

Catch AYLØ’s latest project For Good Reasons here.