Ayra Starr’s Debut Album ’19 & Dangerous’ Is A Silky Summary Of Her Coming Of Age Story

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Ayra Starr has crossed the hurdle of having to define her identity for the world on her self-titled debut EP, which by all indications of the reception gotten and the anticipation for everything that has come after it, was a highly successful release. In less than one year, she has enjoyed Don Jazzy’s king-making abilities, priding this benefit on the weight of her talent, powered by her sultry vocals, and her charm, an almost tangible feature, that we have seen pave ways for the likes of Tems, Lady Donli, sGaWD and others like her. Starr might just be in a league of her own because returning with a full-length album barely six months after her debut, isn’t something we witness often in the industry and, the rollout for the eleven-track album titled 19 & Dangerous and paced by the earlier released, Bloody Samaritan, proves this.

Despite the dedication of her debut EP to detailing her life and times in silky sonic ways, Starr doesn’t seem to be done with that approach, although wrapped in a theme of evolution and passion, 19 & Dangerous again details her transition from teens to young adulthood. As with girls her age, Starr’s life centers around the same things, future, fame, fortune, fashion, and feelings; all of which are presented in engaging lyrics mostly penned by herself and her brother and, delivered in an acceptable cacophony that appraises Starr’s affiliations with the best of the best in the industry.

19 & Dangerous is Ayra Starr’s coming of age story. From the highly personalized song titles, including Brigertn, to her writing style which according to the singer is driven by the most random of inspirations to the touchy subjects that grace the album and the passion with which she drives her words, it’s quite obvious she is blossoming and in her signature sultry tenor on the opener, Cast (Gen Z Anthem), “if I cast I cast”, her resilience is what she stands on.

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