BankyOnDBeatz Shares Sound And Story Encompassing Four-Track EP ‘Treasures’

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A seamless blend of divergent but immersive sounds powered by unique creatives with their sights set on redefining music in their own special way, producer, BankyOnDBeatz ‘s latest, Treasures is not your run-of-the-mill collaborative project, but one born from the nomadic nature of experimentalism which is the root and result of the partnership that produced the EP.

BankyOnDBeatz has been in the game since 2010, contributing to the birth of the new school with worthy production credits and affiliations with the likes of BOJ, Tomi Thomas, Cruel Santino, Lady Donli, Nova, Ladi Poe, and L Marshall among others. His resume boasts the 2015 test album, Legendary Reflections, Fuego Senoras, and Hard Guy, his joint project with Muyiwa. Treasures is a cohesive body of work that mirrors his work ethic on his previous work with new twists that speak to his evolution. Joined by Platinum, Noon Dave, Muyiwa, and Oshmann, mostly upcoming artists with talent, he builds on his impressive discography, stitching elements from his vast experience as a producer.

Treasures is truly diverse in every way. On opener, Freedom, Canadian singer, Platinum, delivers a cogent performance of what it means to be free, working a classic RnB soundscape to give BankyOnDBeatz’s intent a soft and glowy landing. This sweeping performance is followed by Noon Dave’s Trust Issues, an Afropop overload that gives way to frequent collaborator, Muyiwa and Oshmann’s F.Y.B (Feeling You Best). For his final act, Noon Dave completes the divergent circle on the acoustic version of Trust Issues.

Although Treasures comes to an end abruptly, BankyOnDBeatz and his quartet leave no stone unturned. They dip into as much genres as they can and touch on as much stories as they can without sacrificing cohesiveness.