Bode Blaq Releases Debut Album Why I Don’t Do Love Songs

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Multi-talented Nigerian recording and performing act, Bode Blaq, has released his highly anticipated debut album, titled Why I Don’t Do Love Songs. The collection of 13 tracks is a powerful and emotive journey uses a unique blend of hip hop, afro-pop, rap, and R&B, to showcase his incredible talent as a songwriter and performer.

In this album, Bode Blaq explores themes of heartbreak, self-discovery, and the complexities of modern relationships. From the exciting intro to the top-notch production that elevates Bode Blaq’s already impressive sound to new heights, each track offers something new and fresh for listeners to enjoy. Bode Blaq’s captivating vocals and honest lyrics make this album an immersive, relatable, and peculiar listening experience.

“Why I Don’t Do Love Songs” is essential listening for hip-hop, afro Pop and rap enthusiasts, as well as anybody seeking real and authentic music. Bode Blaq has put in a tremendous amount of time and work to create these songs, and the end result is well worth it.

In order to create an original and one-of-a-kind sound for the album, Bode Blaq enlisted talented producers like Damayo, Joka, Whalez, Walitali, and Supplia. The album also features renowned content creator and actor Oli Ekun (Agba) in the intro and Maka, the Queen of Soul, in the soulful ballad titled “For the Money.”

Since he forayed into music about 7 years ago, Ogungbemi Olabode Stephen, aka Bode Blaq, has distinguished himself as a quintessential songwriter, rapper, and recording artist. His discography is amazing and inspiring, with so much creativity and artistic gusto displayed in his poetic narrative and candid perspective on issues. This has earned him a dedicated fan base, and Why I Don’t Do Love Songs is sure to win over even more listeners.

Simply put, the Why I Don’t Do Love Songs album is a distillation of Bode Blaq’s machismo and an rationale of his rebellious  lifestyle against love and its elements.

The album is now available on all major streaming services.