BOJ Leads The Road On Psychedelic Journey in Retro Video for ‘Awolowo’

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Fresh off the release of his first single of 2019, Awolowo, BOJ, famous for being an integral part of Nigeria’s Alte scene, a pillar of the DRB group and of course his unique and hazy vocals, returns this week with the David Duncan directed video for the psychedelic track that soundtracks the life of the average Nigerian youth.

With Kwesi Arthur, Darko Vibes and Joey B whose verses in the song mirror their roles in the found footage style captured video, BOJ exhibits the intrinsic parts of Lagos night living in line with the track’s narrative.

The Awolowo video is yet is another glimpse into the lives of the champions of the alte scene in Lagos and with BOJ powering the sound, it’s as refreshing as its propagators make it out to be. 


Photo Credit – deedsart

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