Summer Anticipation And Appreciation Is Defined As A Good Time On BOJ’s ‘Money And Laughter’

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In the music industry, Summer anticipation and appreciation are coming in many ways and a variety of sounds. In some ways, it’s articulated as love and lust, in others as parties and a good time. For BOJ, Amaarae and Zamir however, it’s defined as money and laughter, two engaging words that serve as the eponymous title for the cohesive trio’s latest, Money And Laughter, powered by BOJ.

Tailored after BOJ’s signature ambiance, the magnetic silky and spirited bass-driven percussions – produced by Trill XOE, pulling against one another and the trio’s varying vocal textures and ranges, is as immersive ever, with an Amaarae intro that sets the ball rolling for the other two members of this auspicious group.

Money And Laughter is accompanied by retro Prince Dovlo directed video that projects BOJ, Amaarae, and Zamir’s personas strongly in fancy spreads that allude to the desires emblazoned across the single’s captivating narrative.

In right and equal amounts, the trio represents their sounds strongly to result in a heady fusion likely to rule playlists and turntables this season.

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