BOJ Deals With The Bitter Side Of Love On ‘Emotions’

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His unique vocals or revolutionary abilities aren’t the only distinct features about BOJ. Worthy of constant reference is his ability to tell craft stories from mundane situations and romance. It’s been a while since we heard from the DRB LasGidi member solo but he’s not lost anything that makes him stand out, his latest, Emotions is proof of this.

BOJ kicks things off with Jay-Z’s famous one-liner from 2004 hit, 99 Problems “I got 99 problems” but for BOJ, his response is not snarky but supplementary. Over Krizbeatz’s springy percussions, he refers to his muse in his signature languid but intoxicating tone hoping to get her on his side, one that’s rife with insecurity and uncertainty.

Emotions is accompanied by a video in which BOJ battles with the chaos stemming from his relationship. It’s a new dawn for him and his attitude in Emotions, coupled with the route he’s taken to get here, are almost perfect pacesetters.


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